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The Operations Branch is responsible for protecting life and property for over 738,000 citizens within 358 square miles of the District. All emergency response operations are supervised by the Deputy Chief of Operations, who reports directly to the Fire Chief. Operations include Suppression; EMS; Special Operations (Air Operations, Hazardous Materials, Swiftwater Rescue, Homeland Security, and Technical Rescue); and Traning, Safety, Health & Wellness. The Deputy Chief of Operations supervises five Assistant Chiefs; one each assigned to EMS and Training, Safety , Health & Wellnes, and one each assigned to each shift.

The Divisions and programs that operate under the Operations Branch include:





Operations and Special Operations
10545 Armstrong Avenue, Suite 200
Mather, CA 95655
Phone: (916) 859-4300
Fax: (916) 859-3701

The Operations Branch oversees all aspects of the Districts all-hazard emergency services delivered from forty stations with daily shift staffing of 160 personnel. The Operations Branch answered over 80,000 calls for service in 2012, a number that has steadily increased each year while the regional economic downturn has constrained our resource capability. The all-hazard nature of the District is exemplified by the Special Operations Division, staffed by over a hundred discipline specific, highly trained, qualified and experienced personnel. This includes the Tactical Medics.


Emergency Medical Services Division
10545 Armstrong Avenue, Suite 200
Mather, CA 95655
Phone: (916) 859-4300
Fax: (916) 859-3733

The EMS Division is responsible for the management of the department’s emergency medical system which ensures that our EMT and Paramedic personnel are trained and equipped to serve the public at the highest levels. EMS currently deploys thirteen 24-hour advanced life support (ALS) ambulances, six reserve ambulances and 37 ALS engine companies. Metro Fire employs over 250 paramedics who are deployed on ambulances, engines, trucks, water craft, and a helicopter. Metro Fire also deploys two peak time ALS ambulances to augment the EMS system during busier times. On a daily basis, all of the ambulances and engines are staffed with paramedics. As the need arises, additional ALS ambulances are added to the system to ensure our public continues to receive the best care possible.


Training, Health & Wellness, and Safety Divisions
3012 Gold Canal Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
Phone: (916) 859-4391
Fax: (916) 859-3723

The Training Division’s mission is to improve service delivery to the community by providing realistic, ongoing, and verifiable training to district personnel and assisting them to develop and strengthen essential job skills. They strive to ensure all-risk operational readiness and enhance the ability of our members to perform quality public service. They promote teamwork, and service in a safe, effective, and efficient manner. There are many Federal, State, and locally mandated requirements which must be addressed, and as new information becomes available, it is imperative that we introduce new tools, technology, or equipment to train our fire personnel.


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