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Fire Camp 2018

Metro Fire is hosting Fire Camp Tuesday June 19 - Friday June 22, 2018. The fee is $100 per camper.

The application deadline is Tuesday, May 25, 2018

In order for the accepted camper to attend, a Parent or Guardian MUST attend a Mandatory Orientation Meeting on June 5, 2018 at 7:00PM

2018 Fire Camp Application


About Fire Camp


eamwork is an essential component in the Fire Service, as it is in life. Fire Camp is a community outreach program provided by the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, which has positive effects at the individual, family, neighborhood, school, and community levels.

As Camp begins, firefighters assume the role of camp counselor and are assigned a small group of campers who develop a bond during the week long camp. Interacting with the youth through the course of the camp allows the youth, some of which are looking for guidance and role models in their life, time to sense the values engendered in our job. Those values include the necessity for personal integrity, and the realization that much of life is about working with others to achieve common goals and objectives... teamwork.

Fire Camp was the best camp I've ever been to. -Fire Camp Camper 2011

During camp, the kids are grouped into “strike teams” of 8 campers, mentored and supervised by a professional firefighter. As the week progresses the teams take on a character of their own as they learn about the job of a firefighter and experience such activities as: putting out a flammable liquid fire with a fire extinguisher, climbing a 105’ aerial ladder truck, developing the traditional skills of a bucket brigade and hand pumper crew, riding with the District’s water rescue team, auto extrication, and participating in a Kid’s Fire Muster.

The benefits of community outreach programs such as this one have both short and long-term impacts. Fire Camp may encourage a spark (no pun intended) in a camper to become a firefighter. If so, we have recruited for the future. Hopefully at the end of the day, the Camp will bring together an entire family around the participant’s daily activities as mom and dad listen to the youth’s narration of the day’s events.

For more information feel free to contact the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, Community Services Division at (916) 859-4300. 

For more information please contact Fire Camp at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

  • Water Safety: Kids got time to have fun at Sunsplash while learning about water safety
  • Putting out Fires: Kids got to experience first hand the dangers of fires and how to put them out.
  • Tours: Kids got to check out the vehicles that the fire fighters use everyday.
  • Teamwork: Working as a team kids learned what teamwork is



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