Weed Abatement

For information, please contact the Weed Abatement Message Center at (916) 859-4327.

Requirements and Inspections


For complaints, complete our online Weed Abatement Complaint Form


Create a Firebreak

A clear firebreak of a minimum 30-foot width shall be created and maintained in all areas designated by the Fire District. Clear firebreaks shall be provided and maintained around all buildings, fences constructed primarily of wood, areas containing vehicles, near structures, or near storage located on a parcel or on adjacent properties.

The firebreak shall be made using one of the following methods:

Discing: The discs shall be set at an angle sufficient to cut the sod loose and adequately bury the growth of weeds, grass or other vegetation. Discing shall include roto-tilling or cultivating.
Scraping: The blade shall be set at an angle sufficient to cut the growth of weeds, grass or other vegetation down to bare ground.
Exception: Weed abatement on residential property, less than one-half acre in size may be done by mowing or weed eating. Weeds shall be no more than one (1) inch in height after cutting. All cuttings shall be removed.

Weed Abatement Process

Once notified by District's initial correspondence, immediate abatement is required and must be maintained. Failure to comply may result in a citation being issued or the hazard being abated under authority of the County and the costs of such abatement may incur a legal charge against the owner or owners of the property. A potential lien on the property can occur and subject to collection with property taxes as specified under Section 25845 of the Government Code.

Upon receipt of District's second notice, the occupying property persons will have fifteen (15) days to abate their property upon the first notice being sent. Approximately two (2) more weeks to abate if a second notice is issued.

NOTE: All foreclosed or vacant homes are handled by the Sacramento County Code Enforcement Division. The Sacramento County Code Enforcement Division can be reached at (916) 875-5656.

For information, please contact the Weed Abatement Message Center at (916) 859-4327.


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