Board Members

Saylors 2019.jpg

Division 1 
Cinthia Saylors

Term of Office: 2018-2022

Goold 08-26-2013  118.jpg

Division 2 
Grant B. Goold

Term of Office: 2020-2024

Orzalli 08-26-2013  130.jpg

Division 3 
Randy Orzalli

Term of Office: 2018-2022

WOOD TED_8744 copy.jpg

Division 4 
Ted Wood

Term of Office: 2020-2024

Director Sheetz.JPG

Division 5 
Jennifer Sheetz

Term of Office: 2020-2024

Clark 08-26-2013  115.jpg

Division 6 
D'Elman Clark

Term of Office: 2020-2024

Division 7 
Brian Rice

Term of Office: 2022-2026 (Short Term)

Jones 08-26-2013  133.jpg

Division 8 
Gay Jones

Term of Office: 2020-2024

Division 9 
Walt White

Term of Office: 2020-2022(Short-Term)

To find your Metro Fire representative, please visit CA Elected Guide:

To contact the Board Member representing your Division, please contact the Board Clerk at  or (916) 859-4300.

Written correspondence may be sent to your Board Member at:
Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District
c/o Board Clerk
10545 Armstrong Avenue, Suite 200
Mather, California 95655-4102