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After the Fire

After the Fire pdf

Applications and Forms

Burn Permit Application 2021 pdf

Credit Card Payment Authorization Form pdf

File Research Application pdf

Model Rocket Firing Permit Application pdf

Plan Check Application pdf

Plan Resubmittal Form pdf

Pre-Inspection Application pdf

Smoke Detector Declaration Form pdf

Special Event Application pdf

Special Inspection Application pdf

Vendor Booth Permit Application pdf

Checklists and Guidelines

Aerosols Checklist pdf

Aircraft Fueling Checklist pdf

Aviation Facilities Checklist pdf

Carnivals, Fairs, and Special Events Tents and Canopies pdf

Cellulose Nitrate Film Checklist pdf

Combustible Dust Checklist pdf

Combustible Fibers Checklist pdf

Compressed Gas Checklist pdf

Cryogenic Fluids Checklist pdf

Dry Cleaning Checklist pdf

Flammable and Combustible Liquid Storage Checklist pdf

Floor Resurfacing and Finishing Checklist pdf

Fruit and Crop Ripening Checklist pdf

Fuel Dispensing Checklist pdf

Gas-Fueled Vehicles in Assembly Checklist pdf

General Business Checklist pdf

Hazardous Materials Checklist pdf

Hazardous Production Materials Checklist pdf

High-Piled Storage Checklist pdf

Hot Works Checklist pdf

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Checklist pdf

Liquid or Gas-Fueled Vehicles in an Assembly pdf

Lumberyards and Woodworking Facilities Checklist pdf

Magnesium Checklist pdf

Mechanical Refrigeration Checklist pdf

Model Rocket Checklist pdf

Plan Check Information pdf

Tire Rebuilding and Storage Checklist pdf

Waste Handling Checklist pdf

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

CWPP Assessing Residential Wildfire Hazards - 1- Day Brochure pdf

CWPP Assessing Residential Wildfire Hazards - 2 - Day Brochure pdf

CWPP Brochure - Page 1

CWPP Brochure - Page 2

Exterior Fuel Flyer


Sacramento County Fire Districts pdf

Electronic Plan Review

Procedure Guide - Creating an Account

Procedure Guide - Submitting a Permit Application

Electronic Plan Submittal Guidelines

Submitting an Inspection Report Procedure Guide - How to Create an Account

Contractors - How to Submit an Inspection

Contractors - How to Submit a Repair

Fee Schedule & Other Documents

Fee Schedule - Annual Occupancy Inspections pdf

Fee Schedule - Construction pdf

Fee Schedule - Higher Occupancy Inspections pdf

Fee Schedule - Systems pdf

Fire Inspection Program Handouts & Information Sheets

Addressing pdf

Approved Door Hardware pdf

Barbeques at Multi-Unit Buildings pdf

Extension Cords pdf

Fire Apparatus Access Roads / Fire Lanes pdf

Fire Extinguishers pdf

Fire Hydrants and Fire Appliances pdf

Fire Inspection Program General Pre-Inspection Checklist pdf

Fire Inspection Program Business Fact Sheet pdf

Knox Box pdf

Smoke Alarm Declaration Form pdf

FPB Standards

FPS 1 - Installation of Sprinkler Systems pdf

FPS 2 - Installation of Fire Alarm Systems pdf

FPS 3 - Fire Apparatus Access Roads pdf

FPS 4- Alternate Means and Methods pdf

FPS 5 - Installation and Maintenance of Private Fire Hydrants pdf

FPS 6 - Child Care Facility Processing pdf

FPS 7 - Mobile Home Parks pdf

FPS 8 - Civil Engineering Notes for Commercial Projects pdf

FPS 9 - Installation of Private Fire Service Mains pdf

FPS 13 - Private Subdivision Civil Engineering Notes pdf

FPS 17 - Fire Control Rooms pdf

FPS 18 - Traffic Calming Device pdf

FPS 19 - Over the Counter Plan review (by Appointment Only) pdf

FPS 21 - Installation of Residential Sprinkler Systems pdf

FPS 22 - Required Key Box Installations - KNOX pdf

FPS 24 - Office Hearing pdf

FPS 26 - Fire Watch pdf

FPS 27 - Electrified Fence pdf

Knox Products: How to Order

Knox Online Ordering Guide pdf

Weed Abatement

Weed Abatement Contractors List pdf

Weed Abatement Frequently Asked Questions

FPS 11 - Weed Abatement Requirements and Inspections pdf