Eleven Year-old Permanently Injured by Illegal Fireworks

Sacramento County, CA - Illegal fireworks caused permanent, significant injuries to a local child yesterday. Metro Fire crews responded just after 2 pm to a parking lot in Carmichael for a report of a “man on fire.” They arrived to find an 11 year-old boy lying on the ground, with significant injuries. At this point, it appears he was holding a mortar-type firework inside a vehicle. The force of the explosion amputated and partially-amputated parts of his hand, while causing burns to multiple areas of his body.

In 2015, four firework-related injuries were reported in Metro Fire’s jurisdiction. Two people sustained partial hand dismemberments, one person received a flash burn to the face, and one firefighter was injured while actively fighting a fire caused by illegal fireworks.

The permanent injuries this young boy sustained should serve as a reminder to adults and children alike: fireworks are not toys. Today’s high-powered, illegal fireworks continue to be used in this region, even though injuries and fires are not an uncommon result. Legal fireworks, modified or used improperly, also cause fires and injuries.

Simple tips to reduce the number of fires and injuries caused by fireworks this year:
  • Do not use, purchase, or sell any illegal fireworks.
  • Never attempt to modify, relight, or "fix" fireworks.
  • Do not allow children to light fireworks. It is illegal for anyone under 18 to use them.
  • Avoid lighting fireworks in the following areas:
    • Near dry grass
    • Under a tree or bushes
    • Under a canopy, covered balcony, or covered patio
    • Near flammable materials
  • Dispose of used fireworks in a bucket of water
  • Have a garden hose ready, in case of fire.
Legal fireworks have the State Fire Marshal SAFE & SANE seal on the package and will be sold at legitimate fireworks booths, beginning June 28, 2016. A general rule of thumb: if it leaves the ground, sends sparks higher than 12 feet, or explodes, it is NOT a legal firework.
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