Metro Fire and Sacramento County Parks Prepare for Wildfire Season

Mather, CA – The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, as part of a collaborative effort with the Sacramento County Regional Parks Department and the Center for Natural Lands Management, will conduct an approximately 50 acre range management burn at the Illa Collins Preserve (formerly known as the Mather Wetlands) on August 7, 2019, and a 60 acre burn at Dry Creek Parkway in Rio Linda on August 9, 2019. Both will commence at 10:00 am.

The Preserve is located ½ mile south of the intersection at Zinfandel Drive and Woodring Dr. in Sacramento County, southeast of the Mather Airport. Dry Creek Parkway is located at 68532 Dry Creek Rd. in Rio Linda.

These range management burns have been permitted and approved through the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District and the Sacramento Agricultural Commissioner’s Office, pending satisfactory atmospheric and fire weather conditions. While all efforts to reduce smoke effects will be undertaken, people in the immediate areas may notice smoke during the activity. Anyone who believes a fire is outside of the plan area should call 911.

The Center for Natural Lands Management works on behalf of the Sacramento County Regional Parks Department to ensure the long range health of the Illa Collins Preserve. The application of intentional fire to these lands will eliminate noxious vegetation and promote the re-growth of native plant species that are resistant to fire.

Meanwhile, Metro Fire personnel will continue wildfire training preparing our personnel for local incidents within the County and statewide, while removing fuel in an area that has been prone to wildfire in recent years.

Opportunities for media are available with advance planning. For the best experience, please call Captain Chris Vestal at (916) 859-4589 to if you would like to attend.

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