Denny's at Fair Oaks Blvd & Manzanita Site of Nighttime Training Burn

Carmichael, CA – After several days of destructive training, The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District
(Metro Fire or the District) will burn the former Denny’s restaurant in a very rare nighttime live fire
training drill beginning on Wednesday night lasting until Thursday morning in Carmichael.

Live fire activities, during which the building will be burned completely down, commence at
approximately 10 pm. It is anticipated that late in the first half of the 10 pm hour, and at the top of the
11 pm hour, we will have heavy volumes of fire available for live television opportunities. Public
Information Officer’s will be on site and available to coordinate and provide sound. We will work with
credentialed media and journalists to facilitate their stories as best possible, but safety considerations
will take priority and may limit access to some areas.

Beginning at 6 pm, Metro Fire crews will make final preparations on the building for the evening’s
burn. This will include forcible entry with power tools, cutting ventilation holes, and other structural
preparations to ensure the safety of this event. We are requesting notification if you would like to
attend this portion of the training so it can be coordinated with onsite personnel.

During all live fire trainings, Metro Fire ensures all permits have been acquired by the property owner
through the Sacramento County Building Department and Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality
Management District to ensure not only the safety of our firefighters but that of the nearby community.
This ensures the building is free of asbestos and other hazards which could be harmful to the health
and safety of those nearby.

All times above are approximate pending implementation of fire and building safety measures,
atmospheric and conditions for smoke dispersal, and ensuring all community members are at a safe

For further information and details, please contact Captain Chris Vestal at (916) 859-4589.

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