Firefighter Uninjured After Fall During Training Burn

Carmichael, CA – Metro Fire would like thank the community and media who have communicated their concern for our Firefighter who fell during the live fire training burn at Denny’s last night. This is a humbling reminder to all members of Metro Fire of the unequivocal support from those we serve in our community.

During a live fire training evolution a firefighter disembarking a ladder on the roof of the former Denny’s restaurant slipped and fell approximately 10 feet to the ground. He immediately returned to his feet and though he had no complaints of injury, was transported to a local emergency room for evaluation. We are relieved he was found to not only be injury free but cleared to return to work immediately.

Firefighting is an inherently dangerous occupation requiring hundreds of hours of initial and ongoing training. The live fire training conducted last night is part of this effort to ensure we achieve our priority of providing the best emergency service delivery possible when responding to the emergencies in our community. Training in realistic conditions, like live fire in a real structure is without comparison the most beneficial training method possible.

While we implement numerous safety measures during training scenarios they are similar to a real incident in that some conditions cannot be mitigated. While unfortunate, last nights fall is just one of the many learning points that will help all of Metro Fire in our quest for continuous improvement.

For further information, please contact Captain Chris Vestal at (916) 859-4589.

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