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The Metro Fire Communications Division is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repair of all fire district communication equipment.

May contain: truck, vehicle, and transportation

Equipment Includes:
•    800 MHz Radios
•    VHF Radios
•    Mobile Data Computers (MDCs)
•    Vehicle Internet Modems
•    Apparatus Intercom/Radio Interface systems 
•    Fire Station Alerting Systems
•    900 MHz Pagers
•    Opticom Emitters and Traffic Signal Controllers

The Division also installs emergency lights, sirens, and communication equipment in district owned vehicles. Metro Fire Communication Technicians perform preventative maintenance and repairs on all equipment. A technician is on-call during nights, weekends, and holidays to handle all communications related emergencies.
The Communications Manager manages the day to day operations of the division and sits on regional radio committees to enhance the radio infrastructure for the Sacramento region.