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Kid Activities

Learning how to be safe in our communities begins early. Help teach your kids how to live a safe and healthy life with the lessons and resources below.


Car Safety Lessons

Teach your kids between all about Car Safety with our lessons and visual aids.  Below is a Car Safety Lesson Plan for Ages 3-6.

Complete lesson plan.pdf


Water Safety Lessons

​​​​​​Help your children stay safe in the water with our Water Safety Lesson Plan for Ages 3-6.

Water Safety Visual Aid.pdfComplete lesson plan .pdf


Kindergarten – 6th grade Lessons 
7th – 8th grade – Middle School Lessons 

What’s For Dinner slide deck

Cooking is a valuable life skill that teaches kids about nutrition and food safety, as well as building math, science, literacy and fine motor skills.  Encourage kids’ interest and excitement in cooking by teaching them how to be safe in the kitchen when cooking a meal.    

What's for Dinner Middle School websiteBB_22.ppt
9th – 12th grade – High School Lessons 

Fire Extinguisher Use slide deck

A fire can cause devastating damage to a building and worst case scenario, can cause injury and even death.  That’s why learning how to use a fire extinguisher safely is crucial to protecting people from the consequence of a fire. Encourage kids to learn this skill, it could someday save a life. 

Fire Extinguisher Use High School websiteRA22.ppt
Kids’ Coloring Book 

Kids’ Coloring Book

Have fun coloring and learning about how to be safe at home and around town with our Safety Watch Dog. 

Click here for our downloadable PDF..pdf


 Visual aids

Crossing the street.pdfUsing seatbelts .pdf