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Safety Videos

Metro Fire is thrilled to announce that we have produced a series of digital education episodes teaching kids about fire safety. Freddy, our fire safety friend interacts with her buddy, Captain Parker to teach kids about fire safety and burn prevention.  Each episode is approximately three minutes long and contains a review of the lesson for reinforcement purposes.    

In the three episodes geared toward Prekindergarten through second grade students, students will learn about how to reduce their risk of a burn injury in the kitchen, get a virtual trip around the fire station and even see what clothes a firefighter wears into a fire!  These Prekindergarten through second grade episodes are:

  • What is hot and what is not (burn prevention)
  • Visit fire station #68
  • Turnouts – the clothes a firefighter wears into a fire

In the other three episodes geared toward third through fifth grade students, they will learn about home fire safety.  This includes understanding what the smoke alarm sounds like, what to do if the smoke alarm sounds, and how to make a home escape plan.  These third through fifth grade episodes are:

  • What sound does the smoke alarm make?
  • How to make a home escape plan
  • What to do if the smoke alarm goes off