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Dozer Operations

Within Metro Fire, bulldozers are referred to as "Dozers." The Dozer is a three-piece unit consisting of the Dozer, the Transport, and the Lowboy. Dozers have an enclosed, air-conditioned and protected cab for the safety of the operator.  The main function of the Dozer is to fight vegetation fires. The Dozer creates lines that are constructed by blading the ground removing flammable plant material down to bare soil.


May contain: tractor, vehicle, transportation, wheel, machine, bulldozer, and truck


May contain: vehicle, transportation, truck, tractor, wheel, and machine

Metro Fire’s Dozer Operations and all equipment are currently run out of fire station 58 which is located in Sloughhouse, CA.  When Metro Fire declares the start of wildland season the Dozer is up staffed.  The Dozer is staffed with one qualified Operator 24 hours a day 7 days a week until the end of wildland season. The main purpose of the Dozer is to build fire line and rehab the fire line.  The Dozer also does recoveries for stuck apparatus and vehicles.  The Dozer works with the Training Division to prep sites for training exercises and the demolition of buildings.