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File Research Application

A $152.00 administrative fee is required with this application. This payment covers one half hour of District staff time; additional fees may apply for time spent exceeding the first half hour. Please note some buildings might not have files, this fee applies whether files are located or not. The file research request will not be processed until fees are received.  

Once you submit your request form below and it is reviewed by CRRD Staff, an invoice will be emailed to you from with a link for you to pay the $152 administrative fee.

FILE RESEARCH: Files are researched by “Address” and “Plan Type”, once files have been located our personnel will contact you to set up an appointment for you to come to our office and view the files. If we have digital versions of what you are looking for, we will email you a JPEG version of it. Please note that separate applications will be required for each address. As far as the hazardous materials records, underground storage tanks, and above ground storage tank information, you will want to contact Sacramento County Environmental Management at 916-875-8484 for this information. We are generally not the main proprietors of this information.

COPIES OF FILES: If a copy of a set of plans is needed, plans can only be released to an employee of the firm that created them or to a person with a letter of authorization written by a principal of the design firm on its letterhead stationery. A $50.00 Security Deposit must be posted before a set of plans is released for copying and will be returned when the plans are delivered back to our office.

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