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A professional support team comprised of 11 individuals including a Logistics/Purchasing Manager, Logistics Assistant Manager, Procurement Specialist, Office Technician and 7 Logistics Technicians.

Logistics is the central hub of warehouse operations for all District supplies and equipment. Our inventory supplies all 40 fire stations, Armstrong Headquarters, Fleet Division, Communication Division, and the Logistics/Training Facility. We are responsible for purchasing, receiving, and inventorying all fire suppression equipment. Our technicians coordinate all repairs on fire suppression equipment. The division is responsible for testing approximately 250 ladders on all apparatus along with spare ladders in the Logistics warehouse each year as set forth in the NFPA 1932 standard. We coordinate the program for testing fire hose throughout the District and update the data base on each piece of hose as set forth in the NFPA 1962 Standard. All inter-office mail is routed throughout the Districts 40 fire stations and 4 support buildings each day by our staff. While performing this task, we are able to deliver custodial supplies, office supplies, fire suppression equipment, oxygen tanks for medics, and replenish SCBA bottles. Our division is responsible for administering the Districts EMS supply program. We order and maintain all EMS inventory and deliver EMS supplies each day to each fire station. Logistics supports the Safety Division by administering the PPE cleaning process set forth in the NFPA 1851 standard. Each day turnouts are laundered, inspected, sent out for repair if needed, and logged into an inventory program to track the life of the garments for the safety of all suppression personnel. Logistics administers the Districts Hazardous Materials Plans and submits all required documentation and information to the County of Sacramento Environmental Management Department. Logistics is also responsible for coordinating the repairs on fire station appliances and purchases replacement appliances when needed. Finally Logistics supports numerous District functions and training operations by delivering supplies and equipment.